Alan Garcia Former Peru President Dies After Shooting Himself Before Arrest

Peruvian President Alan Garcia shot himself Wednesday at his home in Lima when he was to be arrested by order of the Justice for alleged corruption crimes linked to the Odebrecht case, according to Peruvian media.

In the midst of great confusion (1985-1990 and 2006-2011) was admitted to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital in Lima, where he was transferred by the police. Witnesses consulted by Peruvian television indicated that Garcia was covered by a red blanket and, shortly after, his son quickly entered the hospital.

The lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, confirmed the news and communicated that his client is operated of urgency by the wound of the bullet in the head. “This unfortunate accident happened this morning president made the decision to shoot himself,” Reyna said at the door of the Casimiro Ulloa Emergency Hospital in Lima.

The hospital said Garcia, 69, has “a bullet wound to the head” and is undergoing surgery. “We report that his condition is sensitive and prognosis reserved, The patient entered the hospital with a diagnosis of bullet impact, entry and exit in the head,” said the Ministry of Health. “We pray to God to give him the strength” to resist, the lawyer added.

García described Tuesday as “speculation” that linked him to the alleged bribes his ex-secretary received from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht for the award of the construction of Line 1 of the Lima Metro.

“As in no document is it mentioned to me and no evidence or evidence reaches me, they only have speculation or invent intermediaries, I never sold myself and it is proven,” García said in his Twitter account.

The defended himself of the recent findings made by the Office of the Prosecutor, finding that Odebrecht consigned more than four million dollars in accounts of Luis Nava, who was secretary of the Presidency in Garcia’s second term (2006-2011) and of his son José Antonio Nava.

These transactions come from Odebrecht Box 2, the hidden account with which the Brazilian company paid millionaire bribes in a dozen Latin American countries, according to IDL-Reporters on Sunday.

The beneficiaries of these operations had as pseudonyms “Chalan” for Nava and “Bandido” for their son, identification confirmed by the construction company. In addition, Nava also received in its accounts more than one million dollars that Odebrecht initially transferred to the former vice president of state-owned Petroperu Miguel Atala in 2007, in an account in the Banca Privada de Andorra (BPA).

Garcia also rejected this Tuesday in declarations to Channel N of television to know the nickname of “Chalan”. “I was not aware of any unlawful act in any way, it does not sound like the name of ‘Chalán’ at all,” he said.

Likewise, he indicated that he expects the revealed investigations to be “documented, verified and ratified by the people”, in relation to the disclaimers that Nava and Atala must make. Read also: Judge prevents Alan García from leaving Peru for 18 months

“I think we should wait for the response of Messrs. Atala and Nava, I am sure they can clarify it,” said García, who governed Peru between 1985 and 1990 and between 2006 and 2011.

He also indicated that he is attentive to the questioning that Peruvian prosecutors will make next week to the former director of Odebrecht in Peru Jorge Barata, who met a score of times with García when he was president and can give more information as part of the award statement agreed with the Peruvian State.

“I hope that the aforementioned people respond, make their disclaimers and that on April 23, Mr. Barata ends with this telenovela and makes the declaration before the Peruvian prosecutors.” Read also: Uruguay denies asylum to Peruvian president Alan García

Regarding the request for preventive detention of the Prosecutor’s Office against former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, also investigated by the Odebrecht Prosecutor’s Office and that remains in detention for ten days, Garcia said that it seems “an excess”.

“It seems to me that a person who is unable to leave the country, who has restricted mobility, it is absurd to expose him to that.” Home Prison is the most they could do with him, “he said.

García is currently under investigation by the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office, with the impediment of leaving the country, for the presumed bribes delivered by Odebrecht to be awarded the construction of Line 1 of the Lima Metro.

The former president recently tried to evade the investigation by requesting diplomatic asylum in the Uruguayan embassy, ​​but he was denied, unlike in the 90s, when he managed to take refuge in Colombia and then in Paris to avoid a trial for alleged illicit enrichment.

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