Black Sheet Laid Against Red China in Hong Kong, Millions of People Seeking Independence Came On the Streets

On Sunday, a black sheet was laid on the soil of the main business area of ​​Hong Kong. On the street where the democracy of supporters dressed in black clothes was reaching there. The slogan of children – old and young, from the mouths of all – should stand with Hong Kong for freedom. Lakhs of people took part in the public meeting organized after the completion of six months of the movement. This was the largest gathering in recent months. The police also understood the timing. He had already announced to exercise restraint. During this time 11 people carrying weapons were arrested.

The huge success that democracy supporters have received in the recent body election has revealed what Hong Kong wants. Due to this, the police have changed its stand just days after expelling thousands of agitators who have gathered at the Polytechnic University. Given the international support for the movement, there has been pressure on the local government to deal with the movement in a vigilant and peaceful manner. During the public meeting, people’s anger towards the China-backed government of Hong Kong was clearly visible. 50-year-old Wang, who joined the procession and reached the synagogue, said that we are expressing our intentions in different ways.

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