Hackers Will No Longer Be Able To Steal Google Chrome Users’ Data

Google Chrome has found a solution to solve the problem of its users. A roadmap has been prepared to fix the complaints of security breach, which were constantly getting complaints of attempts to breach through the user’s data on Google. The company has decided that if a user tries to hack his password using the data, then at the same time the app will send a notification to the concerned user. In that notification, details of hacker antics will be sent. Apart from this, if the password is stolen in any way, the user will also be advised to change it immediately. In addition, the user will get a fishing protection feature in real time.

Understand this in some way that if a user uses his username and password on a system and after that the same password is used again somewhere, the app will send notifications immediately. How this feature can be used is a big question. Actually, the company has kept this feature with login only to take advantage of it. Users can use this feature only while logging in. Apart from this, Chrome with this feature can also be accessed through Chrome setting or Google services. Google has already verified this feature by using it and testing it. Now it will be used through encrypted technology. It is known that fraud cases are also coming up in this advanced age of NET. Especially on high traffic search engines like Google. Keeping in mind the problem of the users, the company has said to use its updated version soon.

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