America: Monitoring Opposition to the Citizenship Law in India

Protests are being organized in the country in opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act. Numerous parts of the country, people have taken to the streets for protesting against this law. In the same time period, America stated that it is closely observing the situation related to this law.

A spokesman for the State Department of US stated, “We are monitoring the situation of the Citizenship Amendment Act. We urge to protect and respect the rights. We also urge the protesters to stay away from violence. Respect for freedom of religion and similar treatment under the law, these two principles are the core of our democracies. The United States suggests the protection of rights of the religious minorities in India to protect the keeping in mind the democratic values and Constitution ​​of India.”

Earlier, the UN stated that it is closely reviewing the impact related to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of India. Mr. Farhan Haq, the Deputy General Secretary of Antonio Guterres provided this information. He stated, “We are up to date that the High and Lower House of the Parliament of India has given green signal to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and we are also knowing the concerns being demonstrated publicly with regard to this bill. The United Nations is examining the possible outcomes of the law.”

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