Google Released Data Saver Feature for Android TV, Users Will Be Able To Watch Three Times More Content Than Before

The smart TV craze in India is increasing day by day. At the same time, the number of users using online video streaming platform is also increasing continuously. In view of this, Google has released the data saver feature for Android TV. Using the new feature, users will be able to view three times more content from their data than before.

This is first released in India

Google’s official India blog said that with the new data saver feature, users will be able to see three times more content than the same data as before. This will work especially when the smartphone will be connected to the Internet through Android TV, dongle or hotspot. Google says that it is not necessary for every Indian to have a Wi-Fi connection at home. In such a situation, the new data saver feature allows Android TV users to watch the content freely. Although Google did not say how this feature will work, it is expected that Android will reduce the resolution of the content of other streaming apps on TV.

Google has also released features like Data Alert, Hotspot Guide and Cast for Google File App. With the help of data alerts, Android TV will be able to monitor the consumption of user data. The Hotspot Guide will help TV establish a mobile hotspot connection and with the help of Cast for Google file feature, the user will be able to cast the downloaded media file on TV without mobile data. Initially Google has released this feature for Xiaomi, TCL and Marqu’s smart TVs on Flipkart. After some time it will be launched globally. Xiaomi’s new Mi TV 4X and Mi TV 4A, launched in India on Tuesday, are the first models in which these features are being given.

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