India to Get New Consignment of Israeli Spice Bombs Used In Balakot Strike in September

The Indian Air Force will receive a new consignment of Spice-2000 bombs from Israel next month. The new bombs are being touted as the building blaster version. On 26 February, the Air Force carried out air strikes with Spice-2000 bombs and destroyed terrorist bases in Muzaffarabad, Chakoti and Balakot. “We will get the Spice-2000 bomb by mid-September,” the Air Force officer told the news agency. It will also be accompanied by the Mark 84 warhead. Spice-2000 will prove effective in completely destroying the bomb building. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also expected to visit India for bilateral talks next month. Supply of bombs can also happen during this period.

India did the deal only in June

In June this year, the Indian Air Force signed an agreement with Israel for 100 Spice-2000 bombs under Emergency Powers.  These bombs were successful in destroying the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist hideouts during the Balakot strike. Spice bombs were dropped by the Indian Air Force on Mirage-2000 fighter jets at terrorist targets. Under Emergency Powers, the three armies (water, land and sky) can buy equipment worth Rs 300 crore to meet any challenge.

Penetrator version was used in Balakot

The spice bombs used in the Balakot air strike belonged to the Penitrator version. The bomb goes inside, piercing the roof of the building. This does not collapse the building but it kills the people (terrorists) inside. The bomb is capable of carrying 70–80 kg of explosives. On February 14, 40 CRPF personnel were killed in a suicide attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. After this, the Indian Air Force carried out the 26 February Balakot Air Strike.

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