Pakistan Tests Ghaznavi Missile, Can Hit 290 Km on the Ground

Tension continues between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue. Meanwhile, Pakistan has taken another inflammatory step. On Wednesday night, he tested the ballistic missile Ghaznavi. It can hit 290 km from ground to ground. Pakistani Army spokesman Asif Ghafoor gave the information of the missile test on Twitter on Thursday. Gafoor tweeted that the Prime Minister and the President have congratulated the Gajnavi missile test.

Shaheen was tested three months ago.

In late May this year, Pakistan tested the Shaheen-2 missile. It is also a ground-to-ground ballistic missile. In January, our neighboring country tested the Nasr missile. During this time, the Pakistan Army had said in a statement – Nasr can destroy any BMD (ballistic missile defense) in our neighborhood.

We have Agni and BrahMos

India has 9 types of operational missiles. These include Agni-3, which has a range of 3 to 5 thousand kilometers. Apart from this we have ballistic BrahMos missile. Its range is 300 km. It is a cruise missile. It is like any fighter aircraft without a pilot. It can fly very close to the ground surface. Enemy radars do not catch it.

Agni 5 is an intercontinental ballistic missile. It can hit China and the Philippines in the east and Italy in the west. Its JD covers Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and about half of Europe. It can reach China in just 20 minutes.

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