In 3 Thousand Years, 6 Languages Including English and Hindi Have Been a Global Power

Who speaks and writes in which language depends largely on where the person was born. On the other hand, the need to learn a language other than mother tongue depends on which country has more dominance in the world. The world will learn the language of the country which will be dominated. History and the present testify that the mother tongue of powerful people will be learned, spoken and written globally and will become Lingwa Franca.

Lingwa Franca means – the most influential language used, which is not the mother tongue of the users. On this scale, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English have been influential in different times in the last three thousand years. During this time the Roman Empire began to emerge and remained the most powerful empire in Europe for 600 years from 201 BCE. Thus the strength of the Catholic Church grew and the Roman language became Latin lingua franca.

In the fourth century the Roman Empire was divided into two parts. Europe then entered the dark ages. But the Latin lingua franca remained because no new global power emerged for a thousand years to come. At the end of the 17th century, Spain fought with England, with the victory of Queen Elizabeth of England. Within a few years, the British Navy became the most powerful in the world and the empire of England spread from America to China.

England had no match in the world’s maximum capital, technology and military power. Therefore, English also emerged as the world’s lingua franca. Then England lost its supremacy at the end of the Second World War in 1945, but since America was also predominantly English-speaking and emerged as the first nation in capital, technical and military strength, the English dominance not only remained, but also increased.

English is still powerful and will remain strong as long as the financial, military and technical strength of the world remains with the English speakers. Today the dominance of Hindi is increasing, it is because the influence of India is also increasing in the world. Hindi cannot become lingua franca by fighting or prohibiting the English language. The Institute of Education has suggested five languages ​​for students studying international affairs. There is also Hindi among them. The organization says that India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. There are 24 official languages, but Hindi is spoken almost everywhere and it is also the fastest growing.

Liliana Donato is assignment Journalist at Daily Research Chronicle. Liliana has covered Business, Politics and many other beats in her Journalism career and is currently living in Seattle for more than 15 years. Liliana has appeared periodically on national television shows and also has published her articles many regional publications such as The Stranger and Seattle Met etc.

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