The Ministry Of External Affairs Raised the Matter of the Disappearance of a Retired Colonel after 2 Years

Pakistan has once again raised the issue of the disappearance of its retired officer from Nepal. According to Pak media, Foreign Ministry spokesman Shah Faisal on Wednesday blamed India for pointing out that the enemy agency could not be ruled out. Faisal was questioned by Pak media about Lt Col Habib Zaheer being in India’s custody.

Citing Indian media reports, reporters had asked whether the Pak government was not considering handing over Kulbhushan Jadhav to take Colonel Zaheer. Faisal said that the Pakistan government would not sit silent until Colonel Zaheer reached home.

What is the matter?

Pakistani Army colonel Zaheer went missing from Lumbini, Nepal in April 2017. According to the newspaper report, someone named Mark Thompson had a conversation with Zaheer about job interviews over the mail and phone. Not only this, Zaheer was also sent air tickets for the job. On 6 April, Zaheer reached the city of Lumbini, bordering the Indian border, but the family could not contact him after that.

After Zaheer’s disappearance, investigations revealed that the number from which the call was made was computer generated and his website was operating from India. Pakistan had sought help from India and Nepal after Zaheer’s disappearance. Nepal had also set up a task force in this regard, but the investigation was inconclusive.

Question on raising the case after two years

Questions are being raised in Pakistan after two years of this case arising. Pakistan recently refused consular access to Kidnapped Indian Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav from Iran despite an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling. On this, it was said from the Indian side that it would try to put pressure on Pakistan through the ICJ. Meanwhile, Pakistan has raised the issue of missing officer. It is believed that he wants to divert the attention of the international community from the Kulbhushan case.

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