Zebra with Rare Polka-Dot Seen In Sanctuary, Disease Changed Body Tone

Polka dots were seen in place of stripes on the body of a newborn zebra at Kenya’s National Wildlife Sanctuary. There was a stampede in the sanctuary to see it for the first time. The zebra is black in color and has white polka dots on the body. Zeba is battling a rare disease, causing white rashes on the body.

Social media user named – Hybrid Baby Zebra

According to tour guide and photographer Antoine Tira, she did not believe when she saw Zebra for the first time. He felt Zebra has been painted. After the photos went viral, the sanctuary has been crowded to see the rare Zebra.

Zebra is suffering from a rare disease called Melanism. In which stripes are not developed on the body and small spots are seen. The number of spots is higher in the throat and abdomen area of ​​zebra. The disease is commonly found in mammals, amphibians and creeping organisms.

According to wildlife expert Parmel Lemmen, it (the disease) has been seen in only a few animals present in African parks, but they do not live beyond 6 months. Its pictures on social media are surprising people and are being shared. Some social media users are also calling it hybrid baby zebra.

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