Bad or Stale Food Will Not Be Served In the Railway, Full Information about Food Available on QR Code

During the train journey, frequent complaints of bad or stale eating of the food items are exposed. To solve this problem of passengers, the Ministry of Railways is going to start afresh. QR Code will be necessary for the necessary information related to the food packets given to passengers in railway trains. IRCTC is preparing rules for this. This new system will be implemented in phase wise manner.

QR Code Is Required On The Railroad

Scanning the QR code will give passengers information about the food. On this code scan, passengers will be able to know many things like the exact price of food, when, where and at what time the packing occurred. Earlier, the railways had provided the facility of passengers to watch the food being made in the kitchen before ordering food on IRCTC website to monitor the quality of food and the cooks making it.

What is a QR Code?

  • The QR code was first used by the Japanese company.
  • QR in this means Quick Response. This code is designed to read faster.
  • This is an upgrade version of the barcode. QR code has been created due to the trouble of cutting and breaking barcodes.
  • QR codes are used to encode certain types of information.

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