PM Modi’s Gifts Are Being Auctioned, You Can Also Buy Them

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to receive many gifts such as pens, shawls or insignia etc. In this way many gifts have been gathered with the Prime Minister. Now they are being auctioned online on website. The gifts received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last 6 months are being auctioned. The prices of the gifts in this auction, which started from September 14, will range from Rs 200 to Rs 2.30 lakh. An exhibition of these gifts has been put up at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi. The money collected in this auction will be used in the Namami Gange scheme.

A total of 2772 gifts have been included in this auction, which runs till October 3. Among these gift items is a small Ganesha idol, priced at Rs 200. Similarly, there is a painting made by the weavers of Benares on PM Modi, which has been priced at Rs 2.30 lakh. This is a painting made on a silk cloth.
In this auction, whoever bids more, can take that particular gift to his house. There are all kinds of swords in them, from Maharana Pratap to Shivaji’s idol. These include fountain pens, tea sets, ceramic utensils, temples and statues of Vishnu, Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, paintings, carpets and books, etc. Earlier in January this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gifts were auctioned. 1900 gifts were included in this auction. The money received from this auction was also invested in the Namami Gange project.

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s gifts were auctioned in Surat in Gujarat in 2015 and an amount of Rs 8.55 crore was received from that auction. The Prime Minister donated that amount to the Namami Gange Mission.

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