209 Years Old Cemetery Will Be Converted Into a Railway Station, 6500 Skeletons Are Being Removed

The HST2 railway station will be built in the cemetery in Birmingham, UK, for which 6500 skeletons are being removed from the cemetery. Modern technology machines are being used to remove skeletons. Officials said the Street railway station in Birmingham is to be built under the rail project. Recently excavation here has been completed by machines. The process of extracting the skeleton is now in progress. According to local media, this cemetery was built in 1810. Currently, bodies have not been buried in the 209-year-old cemetery for the past 46 years.

The remains will be buried elsewhere

After the announcement of the rail project, the team of archaeologists dug tombs here in the last 12 months, in which they found sculptures, coins, toys, precious necklaces and many artifacts. The local administration says the remains will be buried elsewhere after consulting a church.

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