A 22-Year-Old Woman Get 50 Tear Crystals in Her Eyes Every Day

Kajarian, who lives in Spenderian, a village in Armenia, a country separated from Soviet Russia, receives 50 crystal tears every day. Doctors are surprised to see the 22-year-old Kajarian case. They are investigating how crystal tears are forming in their eyes. Kajarian, the mother of a child, says the situation has made her life difficult. His family does farming. Therefore, they do not have enough money to get expensive treatment.

Kajarian said, “Some time ago I was with the dentist, then I felt like dust in the eyes. I saw some crystals coming out of the eyes. We immediately took them to the eye specialist. Initially taken Tears were relieved by the drugs, but now the crystal tears cause a lot of pain. All the doctors are shocked to see my situation. “He told that nobody understands my illness. For this reason doctors do not even treat. They are also unable to do any operation for them.

Doctors do not understand the disease

“We were once working on our farm,” said Swetlan Avezian, a relative of the Kajerian. Then the crystals started coming out of the eyes of the Kajarian. We first removed the crystal and placed it in the glass. After this the pain increased and tears came out one by one. We took the Kajarian to the doctor. He had never seen anything like this before, so he could not believe our point. ”

Jamir Meikalian, the mother-in-law of Kajerian, said, “A doctor had asked Kajerian to walk out of the clinic believing it to be false, but later when she saw the tear, she admitted that it was naturally occurring. He sent the crystal tears to the ophthalmologist for examination, but no treatment. The first idea was to send the Caesarean to another place for treatment, but our financial situation was not so good. ”

Armenia Deputy Health Minister Ogens Arutuyan said, “The woman’s case is being studied.” We are planning another meeting with Satanic. This will give us more information. After that we will try to find out what is happening to the patient. ” Russian eye specialist Tatyana Shilova said, “This situation is absolutely extraordinary.” Its pathology investigation is also difficult to do. Therefore, it is also difficult for the doctor to understand the cause of the disease. Since, the tear contains protein, fat and some microscopic elements. If the amount of salt in it increases, it is converted into a crystal. Excess of protein in tears can also be a reason.

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