Facebook Joins Startup Company Servicefriend, Company to Create AI Bot For Libra

Legendary social media company Facebook will launch its cryptocurrency Libra Globally in 2020. Facebook has joined hands with Israeli startup company ServiceFriend to make Libra a customer friendly. It will build a bot based on artificial intelligence technology for Facebook. ServiceFriend is known for creating hybrid bot architecture. Through this technique, customers will be made aware about the libra as well as their problems will be resolved.

According to the report, Facebook also wants to create a number of financial services with cryptocurrency libra, with the help of which customers can transact with libra. For example, users can send money to other users, pay bills, recharge phones and buy any product.

ServiceFriend is serving many big brands around the world. Helped by service-friendly hybrid bot to provide better service to customers the telecom company Globe Telecom increased the productivity of its employees by 3.5 times, with its calls on the company’s hotline also reduced by 50%. Bots made by servicefriends operate on the front-end. It also provides correct and accurate answers to the questions asked by the customers. The new digital wallet for Libra Currency will be available by 2020 in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and standalone apps. Facebook has joined hands with 27 organizations around the world to start it.

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