IPhone Users Access WhatsApp Media Files despite Pressing Delete For All

It has been almost two years since WhatsApp’s Delight for Even Features was released. With the help of this features, WhatsApp user can delete the message from his and the recipients’ chat box. This message has to be done within 7 minutes of sending. According to the report, some iPhone users are able to access them even after the media files are deleted due to the feature flaw.

According to the report of Cyber ​​Security Consultant Shitesh Sachan, whenever an iPhone or Android user sends a media file to an iPhone user from their device and then performs a delete for all operation to delete it, the iPhone user will see the file in their camera roll. Huh. This media file is only deleted from the chat window.

He further explained that whenever an iPhone user keeps the WhatsApp setting on the default, the media file is automatically downloaded to his camera role. But in case of Android device user, the file is also deleted from the phone gallery after deleting for all on the media file. Since Apple’s camera roll cannot be accessed by WhatsApp, in such a case, it remains in the iPhone even when the file is deleted. However, WhatsApp’s security team says that this feature is working correctly. At the same time, using the delete for all time, it deletes the file from the WhatsApp chat thread. However, if an iPhone user selects Save Image to Camera role, then it falls outside the scope of WhatsApp’s Delight for All feature.

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