Family Sharing Feature Will Be Available In Xiaomi’s New OS

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has been working on the new user interface MIUI 11 for quite some time. The company has also started teasing some features of the new user interface. Xiaomi is also going to give a new family sharing feature in it. With the help of this feature, information can be shared with family members in a fast and secure manner. It will be very much like Apple’s family sharing feature. Only last week, the company showcased its dedicated children’s space and Earthquake (earthquake) alert feature.

MIUI 11 can be found in the new Mi TV Pro 8K

With the help of the new family sharing feature, users will be able to share information with other family members in a fast and secure manner. It has been specifically designed keeping safety and parental control in mind. With the help of this feature, the user will be able to find the location of his family members at any time. With this, you can also control the time given on the app. With the help of this feature, parents will be able to monitor their children.

The most important thing about the family sharing feature is that it can be used on any Android and iOS based smartphone. However, any household member should have a Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI 11. Xiaomi may present MIUI 11 at an event to be held in China on 24 September. It is expected that the new UI can be seen in Mi TV Pro 8K with Mi Mix Alpha and Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphones.

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