Iceberg-Making Submarine Will Be Used To Freeze the Melting Arctic Ice

There is a new debate among scientists that as the trees are being planted to reduce carbon dioxide on the earth, can the Arctic’s melting ice be re-deposited? According to the proposal of Indonesian scientists, this can be done by a submarine making iceberg (ice rock floating in the sea). This proposal by Indonesian designers was ranked second in the International Design Competition. 29-year-old architect Faris Razzaq Kotahatuhaha, who leads the Indonesian team, said a submersible submarine would be used to make ice. The submarine will be capable of producing 16 feet thick and 82 feet wide hexagonal icebergs.

Iceberg will be made this way

The submarine will be taken to the bottom of the sea, where it will be filled with water. After filling the water, salt will be separated from it by a process. After this the freezing point (freezing point) of the water will be increased to -15 ° C. The container in which this process will be done will be protected from the rays of the sun. According to the scientists – the iceberg will be ready in the container automatically in a month. The hexagonal shape will help establish the iceberg. It is named Ice Baby.

Questions also arise

This iceberg design is currently in initial condition. Scientists have not told from where their vehicle will get energy? Other scientists also say whether the submarine can work on this theory. According to Professor Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds, UK – this idea is amazing. If we are able to make enough snow, it will also affect the temperature of the earth. This will prevent ice melting and sea level rise. But to fill the ice that has melted in the last 40 years, about 10 million submarines will be needed.

‘Have to work differently’

Faris says – Arctic ice is decreasing every year. To fill it, we have to consider new ways. Rich countries are spending on the sea wall to prevent melting, but poor countries have no budget to prevent sea level rise. We have to stand together to deal with the problem. For this one has to think from a different perspective.

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