1800 Birds from Singapore-Malaysia Reached Thailand

Bird singing competition in Thailand’s southern province of Narathiwat has begun on Tuesday. 1800 birds from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are taking part in it. In the competition, the birds are seated in a cage and hung on a 15 feet high pillar. They are asked to sing in alternating turns. Competitions include nightingales, parrots, pigeons and other small birds.

The owners of the birds start preparing 4 months in advance. The competition consists of four rounds. A bird has to sing at least three times in a round to win. The duration of the song is 25 seconds. Birds are decorated in these cages. Along with this, food and drinks are also kept for them.

This time the winner will get one and a half lakh rupees.

Organizers said that in the competition, judges take turns listening to the songs of these birds. Birds get numbers based on intelligence and their songs. The bird that gets the highest number is made the winner. Last year, 70 thousand rupees were given to the winner, but this time one and a half lakh rupees will be given to the winner. Also the trophy will be awarded.

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