63% of the Country’s Professionals Overweight, 60 Thousand People from More Than 20 Companies Were Researched

63% of the country’s professionals are overweight. Their body mass index is more than 23. This information has been revealed in the research of the Fitness Level of Corporate India. This has been done in conjunction with fitness app Healthify Me. Research has been done on more than 20 companies, 60 thousand professionals aged 21-60. These include factory workers and sales professionals as well.

The research involved professionals from major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad. During research, their food, diseases and health were studied. All professionals were part of the 12-month wellness program of healthcare. It is also known how many steps are taken in a day. Research revealed that professionals in the consumer goods sector walk an average of 5,988 steps a day. At the same time, 4,969 of finance sector and IT-manufacturing professionals run 5000 steps daily. The research raised concern that most professionals are spending half their life in office and are not active either. The result is more body weight.

Research has revealed that most Indian professionals get lazy on weekends and are not physically active. Very few prefer to do workouts. They burn 300 calories daily, while on weekends the figure rises to 250. According to research, Indian professionals include more fat and carbohydrates in their diet, which is making them fat. The fat included in breakfast gives them 29.8 percent energy. At the same time, there is 25.62 percent fat from lunch and 25.90 percent fat at dinner. But the highest fat among Indians is 33.71 per cent from snacks. Which is the main reason for being overweight. Protein is 17.31% in breakfast, 14.3% in lunch. At the same time, the protein level in dinner is more 17.31 percent.

People of Kolkata are at the forefront of consuming protein in the diet. This is followed by Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. In contrast, people in non-metro cities take fatter. Those working in the FMCG sector take 16.38 per cent and professionals associated with the consumer goods sector take 16.03 per cent. At the same time, people working in the marketing sector have less protein in the diet (16.03 percent). According to research, running is the preferred workout of most professionals to stay fit, whether female or male. They then favor cycling, gym workouts and swimming. At the same time, women professionals include indoor activities such as yoga in the routine to stay fit.

Liliana Donato is assignment Journalist at Daily Research Chronicle. Liliana has covered Business, Politics and many other beats in her Journalism career and is currently living in Seattle for more than 15 years. Liliana has appeared periodically on national television shows and also has published her articles many regional publications such as The Stranger and Seattle Met etc.

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