Color of Urine Will Tell the Possibilities of Cancer

Cancer can be detected with urine test. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have done an experiment to inform cancer on the color of urine. It has been tried on a rat. According to the researchers, the color of urine blue during examination confirms colon cancer. It is claimed that this method of investigation is very cheap which will be accessible to the common people.

Report will be available within 1 hour

This research has been done jointly by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Imperial College, London. According to the researchers, cancer can be detected in the initial stage by the examination of urine. Research published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology states that there is no need for more equipment in the lab for this investigation. This method of investigation is very easy.

Researcher Professor Molly says that during the investigation, the reaction of chemicals in urine changes its color, which gives information about cancer. Research has been done on 28 mice, 14 of whom suffered from colon cancer and 14 were normal. The investigation was possible within half an hour of taking the sample. Researchers have named it colorimetric urinary essays.

According to the researcher, with the help of this test, many types of cancer and other diseases can be detected. Investigation is still being tried to improve it in the initial stage. Currently, MRI scan, blood test is done to check the cancer, which takes time when the report is revealed. At the same time, the report will be received within one hour from the urine test.

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