Full Ban On Tobacco In West Bardhaman, If Found Smoking, Will Be Fined

Smoking and tobacco consumption have increased significantly. Despite so many government regulations and increasing prices, tobacco consumption is not being curbed. In many places, the sale of tobacco has also been banned, but smoking and tobacco consumption is not being banned. In such a situation, today the West Bardhaman district administration has banned smoking openly and eating gutkha. This rule has also been implemented from today itself. Till now 12 people have also been fined. DM of the district Shashank Sethi told that fine of Rs 200 is being taken.

As a token and after taking this, after meeting with all the school-college teachers and professors, the district administration has issued a circular, which has announced strict penalties on smoking and tobacco consumption. People of all levels of the society seem quite happy with this decision of the district administration.  DM Shashank Shethi said that awareness camps are needed everywhere. Because by awareness it will be able to completely stop it. Debashish Haldar, chief health officer of the district, said that smoking causes the possibility of cancer. One who is smoking also harms the people around him and also causes physical damage. That is why people of Shilpanchal will also have to come forward to spread awareness.

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