Fake Arms License Case: SIT Seeks 5-Year Record, Fears Of Large Scale Fraud

After the case of fake arms license is exposed, it is feared that before this there will be a big fraud in the granting and renewal of new weapons license. Therefore, the SIT has sought details of the last five-six years from the administration. In such a situation, one can tighten the screws on Collectors working, especially the babus and other employees of the department.  A total of 190 arms licenses were issued in the last one year. Out of these, 77 licenses were found to be fake.

The SIT has now sought a record for the last five to six years. In this, details of all arms license holders, names of erstwhile officers, babu and employees will also have to be made available to the administration. SSP Anant Dev informed that investigation is going on in depth. The administration had issued 29 transit licenses on fake NOCs and fake arms licenses. They were all taken to Bihar, which were supplied to the Naxalites. The ATS disclosed this and sent Babu Mahesh Singh of four gun house owner Samet Collectorate to jail last year.  After this, the ATS had written to the administration four times asking for the old record to verify the arms license and transit license issued but no action was taken till date. Now the SIT has contacted the ATS and gathered information about all these things.

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