We Are Throwing 90 Million Tons Of Plastic Like Bottles, Straws Annually

There is talk of a ban on single-use plastics by the Modi government across the country from October 2. Currently around 23 states in the country have announced restrictions on single-use plastics at their level. Due to which the use of plastic is decreasing. According to a recent report by industry chamber Assocham and EY, we throw away about 45% of the total demand in India i.e. around 9 million tonnes of plastic immediately. This includes bottles, straws, glasses, gutkha pouches, foil, cutlery etc.

Swati Singh Samyal of the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) says that our survey has revealed that up to 15-20% of the waste collected in large urban bodies consists of plastic. The problem has increased further due to lack of better waste management. Separating the waste here is in the initial stages and now wet-dry and other garbage is not getting separated, so there are problems. Recycling has to be increased. Divya Tiwari, CEO of Sahas, who works in the Western management sector, says that the items the central government has banned so far have not been revealed.

Liliana Donato is assignment Journalist at Daily Research Chronicle. Liliana has covered Business, Politics and many other beats in her Journalism career and is currently living in Seattle for more than 15 years. Liliana has appeared periodically on national television shows and also has published her articles many regional publications such as The Stranger and Seattle Met etc.

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