Explosion in LPG Leakage Repair In Dubai; Indian Killed, Four Injured

The blast occurred on Saturday during the repair of LPG leakage in the apartment building. A 47-year-old Indian was killed, while four people were injured. The deceased was identified as VS who hailed from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The Dubai Police has confirmed the incident on Twitter. According to Khaleej Times, VS lived with wife and daughters of 11 and 16 years in an apartment in Mankhul area. Four people have also been injured in the accident. The deceased’s wife said, ‘The blast took place in a nearby apartment. The impact of this horrific and sudden explosion was also widespread. Our apartment was also affected in this. His roof collapsed and debris was scattered all around.

‘ He said, “A huge door fell on my husband due to the explosion and he suffered deep injuries at many places of the body.” The injured VS was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died. His family wants to take his body to India as soon as possible. In the blast, the mistry and the people working in the apartment survived.
The Consulate General of India in Dubai said he was in touch with VS’s family and friends and local administration. He expressed grief over the accident and said that all possible help would be given to the family of VS.

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