How To Stay Away From Your Smartphone Digital Detox

Keeping eyes on the phone throughout the day causes damage to your eyes as well as mental and physical damage to you. To stay away from this, you need a digital detox. Time is the most precious thing in your life and you are not able to share this precious thing with people close to you because nowadays digital technology has subdued us in such a way that we do not remove ourselves from its net.

Most of our day is spent using some digital device. You work on the computer or laptop in the office as well as after office, we keep an eye on our smartphones. Of course in your job, you will get good money to work on digital devices, but if you leave once health does not come again. The time has come for you to resort to digital detox to keep yourself away from smartphones.

Try to turn your phone or tablet into Airplane mode or keep it in another room when you are with your loved ones. By doing this, you are away from the phone for a few hours and after a while you can check the phone so that no important message or information is missed.

When you feel that you need to divert your attention from the phone, then stop the notifications of your phone so that you do not have to pay attention to the pings that come again and again. When your phone does not ring repeatedly, you will not have mental stress and you will feel more comfortable.

If you have a habit of picking up the phone in your hand first thing in the morning, then to get rid of this habit, before sleeping at night, put your phone in another room and go to sleep. Also, buy an alarm clock instead of putting it in the alarm phone. You will not have to sleep by keeping the phone with you.

Just like you take a lunch break at mid-day in your office, likewise take a short break two to three times a day while working. Turn off your system for a while and put the phone in Do Not Disturb Mode. Walk outside for a while. During this time you can talk to friends.

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