Infosys Controversy: Investors Suffer Huge Loss

Infosys shares fell more than 16 percent, this is associated with the serious allegations against the management of the country’s IT giant Infosys. Because of this, the stock of the Infosys was already being predicted to fall. However, the biggest loss of these allegations related to Infosys in the market has been with the investors. In the initial hour, the investors lost around Rs 52 thousand crores.

Infosys shares had closed at Rs 767.75 on Friday. The market cap of the company on this day was around Rs 330073 crore. While the stock fell by 16 percent on Tuesday and it fell to Rs 645.35. This price of the stock, the company’s market cap also came down to close at Rs 277450 crore. In this context, investors have lost more than 52 thousand crores.

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