Boris Johnson Again Got a Breakthrough in the Brexit Deal

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been successful in locking the Brexit deal that excludes Britain from the European Union. A resolution has been passed in the Parliament of UK on Tuesday, according to the resolution the Brexit Agreement with the European Union can now become law. However, there is a problem in this that within the next three days it will have to be agreed in the House of Commons (Upper House).

A few days ago, Boris Johnson had determined the new Brexit deal with the European Union, after which expectations had increased regarding the deal. Britain has to complete this deal till 31 October, otherwise, Brexit may be postponed for more than two years.

Boris Johnson wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth of Britain last month demanding the dissolution of the British Parliament, but the British Supreme Court ruled this wrong. Boris Johnson later apologized to the Queen. Theresa May had to as the Brexit deal did not take place.

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