Preparing To Give Gratuity On Completion of Just 1 Year of Job

The Modi government may soon give very good news to the employed people. Especially those working in the private sector will be benefiting greatly from this move of the government. It is reported that the government is preparing to change the rules of Social Security and Gratuity.

Actually, to be eligible for gratuity, one has to work for at least 5 consecutive years in a company. But by changing this, the government is preparing to give relief to the common working people.

Gratuity is given by the company to the employees, it is giving to the employees in return for the service given to the company. The maximum limit is 20 lakh rupees. At present, gratuity gets to the employee only when he works five years in a company. However, in case of death or disablement, it is not necessary to complete 5 years’ tenure of the job to be eligible for getting a gratuity amount.

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