Surprising: Indian Monsoon Reason For Fire in Australia’s Bushes!

A piece of surprising news has surfaced that the delayed in the returning of the Indian monsoon is the major reason responsible for the fire breakout in the bushes of the forests of Australia. The scientist who researches the fires in forests has claimed the phenomenon. Let us bring it to your notice that due to the forest fire, 3 people have lost their lives so far, while 150 houses have also burnt. A number of people had to abandon their homes.

Scientist Trent Penman associated with Melbourne University has stated that the reason the fire in Australia, is the delayed Indian monsoon is responsible. Penman states that the changing of seasons in the whole world are linked. The linking of seasons cannot be seen apart. That means the climate is hot somewhere, while it is cold somewhere. But it is dependent on one another in some or the other way.

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