Chemical Attack in China at Kindergarten School, 54 People Burnt Including Children

A chemical attack at a kindergarten school in China left 51 children and three teachers scorched. The incident is from the province of Greece in southwest China. Here a person forcibly entered the school and threw chemicals on the children, causing a total burn of 54 people. Chinese officials stated that a 23-year-old man named Kong entered the school and sprayed caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) chemicals in the incident, which took place in Kaiyuan city.

51 children and 3 teachers injured have been admitted to the hospital. It is being told that Kong has done this act to take revenge on society. The condition of two children is critical after this attack. According to local media, Kong arrived at Dongcheng Kindergarten School at 3.35 pm. After this, he attacked the children by spraying caustic soda. Police arrested the attacker only 40 minutes after the incident.

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