Solophone: Solar-Powered Knocks into Indian Market, Bookings at Rs 490

Solophone based on solar energy technology has come to the Indian market. From the past few years, there has been more emphasis on the utilization of solar energy in an emerging economy like India. The benefit of solar energy is not for the environment, but because of the utilization of solar energy, the use of several kilowatt power from other power sources may be minimized.

In regard, the love towards the nature of the Prime Minister, this solar-powered phone has been brought in the Indian market. This discovery is revolutionary and will be sold by the organization on the first come first basis. The organization aims to benefit all sections of society. Therefore, the booking of this phone will start from just Rs490.

The Solophone has been invented by the company after a hard work of 5 years. After the invention of Solophone, the organization tested the phone for 16 months, then made it available to the users. People who use Solophone have noted that it is true on every front.

Due to this modern discovery, a huge amount of electricity can be saved in the country. Many changes have been done in the technology of Solophone that makes it harmless by utilizing the harmful waves emitted from it.

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