Arctic Ocean Ice To Vanish Between 2044 And 2067

According to a study, due to human-caused climate change, the ice in the Arctic Ocean will perish during 2044 to 2067. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, however, have said that as long as humans are on Earth, the Arctic region will remain ice. While the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis snow will increase in winter, it will decrease in summer. Satellite studies show that during September, when the Arctic Ocean receives the lowest snowfall, it is witnessing a 13 percent drop per decade.

This sequence has been going on since 1979. Indeed, scientists who rely on climate change data have been predicting the melting of the Arctic for several decades, but an article published in the journal Nature Climate Change does not agree with their type of study. Some scientists believe that there will be no ice in the Arctic Ocean until September 2026. At the same time some say that this situation will come by 2132. Chad Thackeray, an assistant researcher at the University of California and the lead author of this research, says that a mistake in understanding ice-sea albedo feedback has led to different views on the melting of frozen ice in the ocean.

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