China Aims To Become a Super Power in Space, Launches Two New Satellites

China wants to become a super power in space, in this direction, it keeps sending new satellites into space. On Sunday, China sent two new satellites into space. It has been sent from the Jiucan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China on behalf of China.

Names of satellites

The two global multimedia satellites sent by China are KL-A-A and KL-A-B, Ko Kuizhou-1A (Cage-1A). These were launched by a carrier rocket at 6 am, according to Beijing time.

The two satellites sent by China include international cooperative commercial projects. It has been developed on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It will be used for the microsatellites of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are mainly used for testing Ka-band communication technology. Currently it will be used by a German company. The KZ-1A is a low cost solid fuel carrier rocket with high reliability and short readiness period. The rocket, developed by a company under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, is primarily used to launch low-orbit microsatellites.

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