Cadillac’s first-ever electric vehicle unleashed

Cadillac has not revealed the actual dimensions of its fully electric vehicle, the Lyriq. According to the Verge estimations, the car appears to look like the Cadillac XT5 that measures 4813mm in length, 100mm shorter than the Porsche Cayenne. 

The Lyriq is the first GM car to utilize the new electric platform module, which entails a 100kWh Ultium battery of over 480km of distance, 19kW home charging, and a direct current fast-charger of over 150W. Though the output information is still unavailable, its performance will not fail the user.

The positioning of the battery towards the earth improves handling and balance as well. However, the car is a Caddy, so we anticipate it to be tuned for efficiency over exactness handling. The vehicle should not be noisy since the base was made for electric cars only. 

Cadillac states that the Lyriq vehicle will appear in configurations of a rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The car is said to be an ‘exhibition vehicle,’ implying that it is in the middle of an idea and production vehicle. Therefore, the car exhibits about 80 percent of what the final product will appear. GM anticipates that the model will increase its speed to the point where the 480-kilometer threshold will become the least mark of the entire spectrum before the actual inauguration of the vehicle. 

Super Cruise 3 will not be left out as it contains the feature of driving without hands with the help of automatic lane changes. The vehicle appears to be competent to drive for over 200,000 miles on American highways.

The SUV has a new ‘twofold plane’ feature, an improved heads-up display that indicates the speed covered and the directions. The feature also shows distant planes displaying clear map-reading pointers, among other alerts.

In the interior of the Lyriq vehicle, there is a massive 33-inch curved digital exhibition, which almost covers the whole length of the dashboard. Cadillac firm states that the display has the ‘uppermost density of pixels, and it is currently available in the vehicle industry.’ The platform can showcase over one billion colors, and it is 64 times more when compared to any manufactured vehicle present in the car industry. 

The Lyriq vehicle is a unique car out of the many electric models made by the Cadillac Company. The firm has two other SUVs already connected with brands like Optiq and Symbolic, which respectively come after the Lyriq in terms of the dimension.